Belen Barnaus Mendez


26 The Masque of TIme


30 Atalanta. Cambridge Handel Opera. Chorus.


1, 3, 4 Atalanta Cambridge Handel Opera. Chorus.

19 Harmoniemesse, Haydn. St. Andrew's Church. Surbiton. David Ward c. 


 14 FInal Recital. GSMD.


6th Mary Ryan Concert Society Award Concert

with James Garner

St Mary's Church Twickenham.


15 Concert. Alma Mater Ensemble.

Past Events:


19 Semi-final of the Handel Singing Competition. St. Georges Church.

15 March. The Song Guild Concert. " The British Schubert. With Graham Johnson. LSO St. Luke's. Alma Mater Ensemble. 

LSO St Luke's

14 Handel Festival. St. George's Church. (Alpestre Monte and Va speme infida pur)

13 Sarah Walker's 70th Anniversary at the Wigmore Hall. Alma Mater Ensemble.

12 City University Scenes. Orlando. Dorinda.

1 Baroque Orchestra. GSMD. Arias by Handel. David Watkin. C.


28, 29 The Masque of Time. Guildhall Lutes and Voices.  Canterbury and GSMD

10, 11, 14, 16, 17. Musica and Euridice in Orfeo, Monteverdi. Hampstead Garden Opera.

2 Cantata Project. L. Luzzaschi Madrigals. Spitafields Christ Church. 


5 Alma Mater Ensemble Concert in Spitafields Christ Church.


7, 11, 14 The Bartered Bride. Smetana. BYO. Chorus.

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